Animals in the Big City - A Look at Some Popular Films
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Animals in the Big City - A Look at Some Popular FilmsAnimals can be found thriving in many large cities all over the world. Their presence in the big cities have also often been found on the big screen. If you're an animal and movie lover, why not combine your loves in an animal movie marathon? Here are some classics you should check out.

Oliver and Company

This 1988 animated film is loosely based on Dickens' novel Oliver Twist, except it follows the story of a homeless kitten who joins a gang of dogs on the streets of New York City.

Babe: Pig in the City

A sequel to the successful film Babe, this film has Babe's owner going to the big city to enter him another sheepherder contest in order to win enough prize money to save the farm.

101 Dalmatians

You can pick either the animated or the live action film version, both follow the adventures of Dalmatians Pongo, Perdy and their adorable puppies in London.

All Dogs Go to Heaven

This 1993 animated film tells the story of German Shepard mix Charlie B. Barkin and his sidekick, dachshund Itchy Itchiford as they travel around New Orleans.

An American Tail

This 1986 animated film follows a family of mice as they immigrate from Russia to New York – and all the mishaps along the way.

The Aristocats

This 1970 animated film is set in Paris and features the voice of Eva Gabor. It tells the story of a family of rich cats who is set to inherit the fortune of their owner.

Curious George

Based on the books of the same name, this animated film tells the story of a curious monkey who follows a man from Africa back to the big city.

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

Following the success of the original Homeward Bound, this sequel brings this unlikely gang of animals (including a golden retriever, a Himalayan cat, and a bulldog) into the wilds of San Francisco, where they promptly get lost and must find their way home.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

This 2008 film tells the story of a rich, pampered Chihuahua named Chloe who lives in Beverly Hills. When she is left with an irresponsible caregiver, she is ultimately dog napped and sent to the dog fights in Mexico City.

What are your favorite animal movies? Did we leave any out?

Posted by: Utah Dog Boarding & Daycare

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