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Dog Training

For the inner “good boy.”

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Getting to Good Boy

Our Park Rangers are expert trainers and caregivers. Whether you bring your dog in specifically for training, or want it done during any part of their stay, we will offer the kind of structure and consistency that is necessary to get them to where you want them to be. This includes:

Within a hour my dog was responsive listening and doing 100 times better then she was before now as long as i keep up the work my dog will be problem free in no time.

Nic D.

We LOVE Kim! We hired Kim to help train our two babies. Hector is a healer mix and is 5 years old. Ernie is a 4 month old puppy Pit Bull. Both our babies love being around Kim, and Mike and I appreciate how professional and tentative she is to our babies. We are very excited to have Kim working with our boys and we will be forever customers!!!!

Emily D

Excellent first visit with 2 very demanding dogs and two exhausted pup parents.

Molly S.

She’s great with Snow, what a difference, I would recommend her to anyone who needs dog training!


Even after our first private we have seen a difference, Kim is great!

Bethany H.

So great with our puppy Millie and even better training us adults!

Jen H.

Kim is very straightforward, no-nonsense, and competent. She delivered exactly as she promised and offered follow-up consultation as well. Very impressed!

Christian R.

Kim is a fantastic dog trainer! It is night and day with my dogs behavior. She is flexible and works with your schedule. Also, the group classes she provides are paramount for my dogs social manners. Insanely inexpensive for what she provides. Couldn’t recommend more.

Kristine C.

She is an awesome trainer! She takes the time to get to know you and your dog and help you work on your individualized needs. Her group classes are wonderful as well.

Kaitlin R.

Worked wonderfully with both our dogs. Got results on some things in minutes and gave good advice to train on our own between sessions.

Angelica H.

Kim was very knowledgable and helpful with our needs. We have a 3 year old dog and a 4 year old dog. She taught us how to handle our dogs’ bad behaviors. Their behavior has improved since day 1 and they’ve continued to make progress. She’s quick to answer any questions we have via text message. We decided to go forward with her group socialization classes because we were very happy with her private session.

Anthony H.

Kim demonstrated kindness and confidence when working with my dog. She was very receptive for what my goals for Morris are, which I very much appreciated. Thanks so much!!!

Jamie P.

Kim worked with us on training our 2 six month old cocker puppies and she worked on the basics with us teaching us five techniques to help get the puppies listening and responding. Worked with us how to reinforce the behavior we wanted while correcting in a way that left the puppies excited about the training we were doing.

Chris B.

My pup and I have had a really rough go at it and Kim came into the house for 1 hour and I swear we have a brand new puppy! I have already learned so much from Kim and I hired her for one more 1 on 1 session as well!! She works wonders!

Emily O.

Kim came over and met our pit-mastiff mix sam last night. We were all very impressed with how well she handled him. She’s very patient and competent, and was able to get his energy level down. Something none of us can do. Went ahead and bought 6 more private sessions. We now have hopes for our spastic dog. Can’t recommend Kim enough!

Alex J

We had a rocky start, but after we managed to get together, it was wonderful. Kim is a great and thorough trainer and very attentive. She helped me to find the perfect dog quickly and is now in the process of teaching her all the skills I need.

Lindsay B

Kim has been great to work. She is responsive and flexible.

Victoria P.

We asked Kim to help us because our dog had a bad habit of barking/growling at all guests in our home. She came in and he did not growl at all. She showed us techniques to help him be more comfortable with our guests. When my in-laws came the next day and we used what Kim taught us, he didn’t growl at all! Her training has made a HUGE difference and I am much more comfortable having guests in our home knowing that our dog is learning to be less afraid and will be well behaved!

Sara F.

Kim gave us very good tips, spent time with both dogs separately, and helped give us easy solutions to problems.

Carrie E.

Kim worked well in training my standard poodle. I bought a block of training sessions.

Susanne P.

She was great. She was knowledgeable about dogs and set up a custom training plan for our puppy. I will be using her again.

Angie P.

Kim was very helpful with our 10 week old pup! She came to our home, listened to our concerns, showed us, and taught us how to get our pup to potty train, and be more obedient!

Heidi W.

Kim was wonderful and has really been flexible with my crazy schedule. She is very knowledgeable and trained my dog to do way more then I could have asked for.

Stephanie M.

She was very knowledgeable and helpful with our dog during our one on one meeting. My husband and I are going to continue with her group sessions. I would highly recommend Kim!

Paige D.

Kim is doing an outstanding job in helping to train our Pom.

Rick M.

Kim was AMAZING!!!

Brian W.

I would highly recommend Kim for Dog Training! We had scheduled an hour appointment and after we were done my dog was a pro. She is amazing and was fun to work with. Thank you Kim!

Will G.

Kim drove to Orem to teach me how to train our 15 month old lab. She is great with dogs and humans. I loved that she would worked on the things that benefited our family the most. Highly recommend!

Kimberly R.

Kim has been amazing so far. We have been to 3 sessions and I’m already seeing marked improvements in my two dogs who I have brought to her. She is patient, and you can tell immediately that all the dogs in the room are paying attention to her. Great experience, and looking forward to more work with Kim!

Catherine O.

Kim is amazing with dogs! Which is good because she is a dog trainer, but she is terrible with humans. She expects a lot in a short amount of time. while taking her class at pets mart she gets extremely distracted with other clients or other things in the store when she should be training. It gets pretty frustrating. She needs to learn how to manage her time better.

Tacy C.

Kim is a fantastic dog trainer. I think she is an even better dog-owner trainer. She has really helped me understand how my dog interprets my actions so that I can train my dog the way that my dog can understand. It has made such a difference. Kim is always very positive and motivating, too. I believe she truly wants to improve relationships between dogs and their people and she has done exactly that for me. Kim is great at making training sessions fun, too. I know Kim really cares about dogs and about people and I believe she is a uniquely talented dog trainer who can work with any dog.

Christine W.

We left our yellow lab with Kim and she did an outstanding job with him during the three weeks she had him for training. It is clear that our dog Merlin was not only well cared for, he got a great deal of work on basic commands and social skills with other dogs of various sizes , ages and training levels. Merlin had several disciplinary issues typical of a six month old puppy such as, getting on furniture, house training accidents, pulling on the lease and not coming when called. Kim did a great job working with him on these issues. His loose lead walking is excellent now and although he still acts up, as most puppies seem to do, he understands the value of doing what he’s been trained to do. He is much better behaved with our old shitzu that he played much too rough with before we put him in training. It was clear from his behavior when we got him back that he was on a consistent sleeping, feeding and training schedule that has helped us since we returned from vacation. He still has accidents once in a while but has gotten much better. He was not left in a kennel for long periods of time which we appreciated. He came back to us well adjusted and having made good progress. Kim seems to truly care about and loves the dogs she trains and we were comfortable leaving our dog with her. Merlin still has a long way to go and still has several months of “puppy” behavior but overall he’s doing much better since we left him with Kim. We appreciated the time she spent helping us go through the various training techniques she used and the fact that she gave us regular updates on his progress when we were away. I would recommend her services to other dog owners.

Tania L.

In one class my dogs and I have learned so much!

Debra Q.

Dog training – I met Kim less than a year ago when I was in search for dog school for my golden. Immediately I recognized her natural charisma with animals. Kim is patient and kind with a genuine heart for pets. Class wasn’t scheduled to start for a couple of weeks, so before class started she gave me tips and some instructions to get the ball rolling. She has always praised my dog and treats him like he is her own. Kim gives effective strategies to overcome the awkward stages in “puppyhood”. I would recommend her to anyone looking for their animal to be trained, Kim truly is a natural and you will see this when she interacts with your pet.

Kelly E.

Great dog trainer, very good at reading a dog’s personality and providing solutions to behavioral issues. My dogs did very well in her class.

Matt C.

Kim was exactly what we were hoping for in a dog trainer, she was on time, laid back, knew 100 different ways to work with different dogs personalities and traits. She also truly goes above and beyond to help and understand the dogs and their owners. We’ve already signed up for the next class! The only thing we would change is to have a few minutes for the dogs to play/socialize at the end of classes.

Jaden K.

AMAZING TRAINER!!! Kim is our dog whisperer! Very patient and kind. Will definitely use Kim for all our dog training needs!!!!

Marsha P.

I have two little dogs who desperately needed socialization. I needed to learn how to treat my kids like dogs. Kim is doing a great job cause all of us are doing much better! Looking forward to the weeks ahead of continued training with the best!

Ben C.

Dog training at its best! My dog Henry has come a long way. He is now a “superstar! ” I’ve noticed a big difference in his obedience to certain commands since we started training with Kim! I enjoy the new challenges she throws at Henry and I! Every week we learn a new skill and Kim is awesome at teaching. She can teach you how to communicate with your dog what you want him to learn. I never could have gotten Henry where he is without Kim. I highly recommend her!

Jami J.

Kim is amazing. We have been taking our Doberman to go see her and he is doing really well. She is very patient with our dogs and she definitely knows how to show us what we need to do to be able to work with our dogs at home and get them to be proper trained. I’ve noticed that all dogs respond to her very well. she’s so nice and she does know what she’s doing. I have friends who paid so much to get their dogs trained at other places but when our dogs get together there’s no comparison because my dogs are always the one that is obedient.

Vanh C.

Kim helped us with training our 2 year old rescue dog and learning how to handle him and help him adjust to family life (and my sister’s 4 year old rescue dog too). She has been great with lots of understanding and background working with adopted dogs with unknown histories. It has been amazing to me the change in our dogs since we started working with Kim! She was willing to work with us and kept coming back with new ideas for us to resolve house training issues until we found one that worked.

Amy M.

The ideas that Kim utilizes may be used by more than one trainer but the techniques she applies are what puts Kim above the rest. We really do love our Maya but we were simply getting used to her bad habits. Kim has turned that around, teaching both Maya and us. We will be back for additional training.

Pat B.